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Dial & Dose Disposable Pen

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Product Parameter:
1, Injection range: 1 to 60 units, accurate to 1 unit
2, Disposable Pen: Suitable for 3.0ml standard cartridge packaging biopharmaceuticals in line with ISO11608-3 (For biopharmaceuticals: insulin, auxin, interferon, cosmeceuticals, anti-biochemical        first aid, hemostatic analgesia, detoxification Classes, antipyretic analgesia, anesthesia analgesia, etc.)

Product Feather:

1, Durable and strong: the core components using high-precision materials.
2, High quality: can withstand the test of extreme conditions including drop, high temperature, cold, and humid.
3, Can callback: reduce drug waste and reduce environmental pollution.
4, Feel good: ergonomic design, pen body matte texture, to prevent slipping during injection.
5, Can be customized: according to customer needs can be customized.
6, Measurement accuracy: The adjusted dose will not exceed the remaining dose in the cartridge.

Product Advantage:
1, The gear device is optimized. The dial knob can be turned slightly to minimize the applied force, thus providing the best user experience.
2, Large dose display, with good readability, visually impaired patients can also apply.
3, The drug in the cassette bottle is thrown
4, The concept of dials and dose processing to maximize patient acceptance and reduce patient training